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Landbase Systems helps clients organize, maintain, enhance, and improve their spatial data to optimize network infrastructure management.

We have been improving spatial data systems for over 25 years, and we have completed complex projects that cover the entire US.

We solve real word problems, such as projects that:

·      Enhance infrastructure networks covering hundreds of acres to dozens of states

·      Align, clean, integrate, optimize historical and new spatial datasets

·      Supply web-based mobile to desktop interactive map viewing systems

With our processing, data cleanup and data organization insights, our clients have been able to:  

·      Distribute and improve the use of spatially consistent data from diverse sources throughout their company

·      Provide infrastructure management and repair mapping solutions streamlining field technician maintenance

·      Migrate data from older to newer GIS and data management systems

·       Create high precision right-of-way surface mapping for planning, stormwater management, engineering, and asset management

·      Create optimized One Call results for network infrastructure

We have developed commercial and in-house tools to generate high-quality results; we typically improve and optimize existing client processes and applications versus installing completely new solutions.

We focus on incremental improvements, breaking down large projects into a series of manageable and reviewable steps.  Each improvement is generally short, achieves its goals, and gets closer to the final target.

Collectively each improvement:

·      Improves the quality and performance of the overall system

·      Reduces the expense to maintain the system and infrastructure

Located in Pittsburgh, PA.

For more information, contact us at:


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